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1 SEMESTER (education + tours of the city and region)
Spring Semester 2014:
Fall Semester 2014:

Orientation 4 February

First class 6 February

Last class 3 June

Exams 4 - 7 June

Orientation 9 September

First class 11 September

Last class 19 December

Exams 23 – 25 December

Deadline 20.11.2014 Deadline 20.05.2014

Extended course description:

Russian Language 140 hours

RUS 101 Accelerated Beginning Russian

This adaptive course is designed for students who do not know Russian. Speaking, writing, reading and comprehension skills are developed, as well as an understanding of appropriate and polite use of language. The material is organized into thematic units, which helps to learn the material faster and remember it better. Real-life situations are used in the educational process. During the study of units on city, theater, store, museum, cafe, library and transportation students are introduced to corresponding realities in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. At the end of the course, the students will take an exam.

RUS 201 Basic Russian

A preliminary test is administered to see, if the student is ready to take this course. This course consists of two parts:

1) Practice in Russian Language, Appropriateness and Expressiveness

Study of the language in the environment. Grammar of Russian, auditory comprehension, reading comprehension of literary and publicist texts, development of oral and writing skills, lexicology, phraseology, discussion of television programs, movies, theatric performances; introduction to norms oft modem Russian.

2) The second part of the course is chosen by students depending on their interests. The primary purpose of this part of the course is acquisition of terminology. The students can choose among the following topics:

• Russian language and culture

• Russian Language and Social Life

• Language and History of Russia

• Russian Language and Literature

The course work involves lectures, practice, independent work with chosen sources, discussions with Russian students.

Literary Connections of Russia and the United States 24 hours

The literature of the USA and the literature of Russia 19 – 21 centuries. Studying of communications between two great literatures, reading and the analysis of texts, studying of separate writers.

History and Politics of Russia 48 hours

Political history of Russia from 10 century to The Present. Course is based on problem methods of teaching, historical analysis of important and interesting facts, diversity of simulating and cognitive forms of study activities.

Russian Culture 48 hours

The Mystery of Russian Fairy Tales. The spiritual World of Russian peasant. Magic professionals in a Russian village. The semantics of Russian traditional culture. Russian traditional 19-century House. Russian Art. Russian Mentality.

Russian Literature 24 hours

Detailed study of the work of two or three authors.

Russian-English, English-Russian Translation Practicum 24 hours

This discipline is studied together with Russian students

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